Fight virus and the flu this winter

Protect against airborne
infectious diseases

✔ Influenza

✔ Cold

✔ Cough

✔ Allergy

✔ Covid virus

This sanitiser is a total release can aerosol which releases a fog in the space it is placed, killing viruses, bacteria and mould.

It is an alcohol-based solution with additional biocides.

Its easy to use…

  1. Ensure the room is clear from people, children and pets.
  2. Put any exposed food into containers or remove from the room.
  3. Shake can well.
  4. Remove the can cap and place the can in the centre of the room.
  5. Press the total release valve, ensuring can is left upright.
  6. Quickly leave the room, closing the door behind you.
  7. Re-enter the room after at least 20 minutes.
  8. Ventilate the room.
  9. Dispose of can according to national regulations.

Your room is now sanitised. 

Total release sanitiser has passed these british stardard for quailty.


Protect your rooms

Once the can is set off, within 5 minutes it creates an anti-bacterial and anti-viral fog.

After sanitising the space it’s in, the solution evaporates, leaving no residue.

Just return after 20 minutes.

World Health Prganization

Medical Grade Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel & Rub

  • 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel & Rub
  • BS EN 1276 tested and compliant
  • BS EN 1500 tested and compliant
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Quick drying, no water required
  • Manufacture in the United Kingdom

3 Ply Disposable Dustproof Breathable Face Mask (50)

£6.99 for 50 mask
Pre-impregnated hand and surface sanitiser wipes

Pre-impregnated hand and surface sanitiser wipes

• Suitable for personal use.
• Mild, Non Toxic, Non Irritant, Non Hazardous, Ecologically Harmless.
• High level of antimicrobial activity against all bacteria, viruses and fungi tested.
• Guarantees safety when used regularly, due to resistance to microbial recolonisation after application.

Personalised with your branding

Personalised hand sanitiser with bespoke branding

These Face Shields fits easily over prescription glasses and protective facemasks

Face Shields that are Re-Usable and easy to clean. These Face Shields fits easily over prescription glasses and protective facemasks.

They are ideal for fast pace environments. Face Shields that are comfortable and lightweight with low distortion and high optical clarity.

Extra-large face coverage (medical-grade plastic) for added protection.

Cleaner & Sanitiser for surfaces

Cleaner & Sanitiser for surfaces


USE in hotel rooms

Hotels, Guest house and B&B

Schools & Class Rooms

USE in hotel rooms

Care Homes & Hospitals


Vehicle interior, car dealerships and driving instructors